Effects of Fresh Content for Small Business SEO

Most people Google to find products they are looking for, and Google’s pushes fresh content, only those businesses with new content make the cut to get on the first page. This becomes a real challenge for some really high quality but small businesses out there. Big companies know all about managing search engine optimization; they have the staff to deal with and get the company noticed. However, small business search engine optimization has become an even greater challenge with the latest updates to Google’s search algorithms.

In 2010, Google released an update dubbed “Caffeine” which sought to deliver faster and more accurate results from the increasingly complex and demanding search environment. While technically providing faster, more comprehensive, and more accurate results, the indexing system had little effect on small business search optimization.

The latest update, however, may prove to be a bit more of a challenge. The goal of this ranking update is to provide fresher content on time-sensitive topics. The search algorithm is supposed to be designed to differentiate between content that needs to be as fresh as possible, and content that is less time-sensitive. Google says this “fresh” content algorithm will affect approximately 35% of searches. Under the new update, a person searching “Olympics” will be given results for the Olympics that are right around the corner, not those from 50 years ago. Content may be only minutes old, and will be listed in order of occurrence.

While all businesses need to be aware of the effect of “fresh” results on small business search engine optimization, it would appear that businesses dealing with rapidly changing technology would be the most affected by the change. Big businesses have more financial leverage and staff to be able to get content out in the front pages of search results. Small businesses need to be aware of the trend and find efficient means of getting fresh content so that they can be front-page news as well.

Why Not to Buy Facebook Likes?

There are many companies these days offering you to increase your Facebook page ‘like’ numbers in terms of money. I understand that its frustrating looking at your page and seeing that nobody likes it. But it is much more annoying to notice your updates without any comments or likes.

Business owners may have the tendency to brag about the number of likes they have received. Some of the pressure may come from seeing the competition getting more likes on their pages than others.

In today’s post I would like to share why not to buy Facebook likes. So, here are 4 reasons why you should not buy likes for your Facebook page:

Engage Your Customer
The ultimate goal any business owner should have when starting his or her Facebook page is to engage the customers. So it’s good to involve your customers on your Facebook page. This is how you keep them coming back to your page and into your store. This is how you increase your Facebook likes.

Engaged likers will recommend you to their friends. These friends will trust their recommendations because it is not you marketing or selling to them, but a friend personally telling them to try you out.

Stop Being Weird

Suppose you have more than 10,000 fans and nobody takes time to comment or even like what you posted? Is this the picture that you want people to see about your business?
When you do something artificial, chances are, you will get caught. While your customers might not be inquisitive enough to see which of your likers are real people or not, your competitors might be.

Waste of Money
Most services that sell Facebook likes guarantee, for instance, 5,000 likes within 30 days. But you may not be sure if those likers would be fake or real. You may not be assure regarding their existence and how long will they stay in your page.

Save Your Reputation
If your real customers find out that you bought likes, they might resent it. For one, they might think that you are dishonest or desperate and may not want to be associated with you.

It certainly baffles us why businesses still buy Facebook likes when it is easy to get likers.

Just make sure that you:

Have a steady stream of useful and informative content that you share on your page.

Give out exclusive updates, promotions and other incentives to your customers who like your Facebook page.

Design your like page attractive. A great design, coupled with videos, audio, lead capture forms could very well encourage them to like your page.

Tie in your Facebook page with the rest of your marketing plan. Put up signs in-store, invite people to like you on Facebook on your website, create a contest to get them to like you.

Why I Should Start a Blog?

Blogging is not a new term. Many of us run a blog where we express our thoughts. But still few do not have a clear idea about blogging and few stops updating the blog even having one. So I decided to describe all the reasons, personal and professional, that should encourage you to start a blog or continue to update the one you write.

Codify Your Thoughts
Blogs are short form and often contain a single serving of news, opinion, analysis or recommendation. This style provides an easy entrance to the world of journalism & writing in general and it’s a perfect fit for those who are seeking to record their experiences & ideas.

Build Name/Brand Recognition
Blogging builds credibility and creates a readership of devotees. While you may not have “fans” like a rock star, you’ll certainly find people from diverse geographic and professional backgrounds that enjoy your writing and have a positive association with you. Outside of blogging, there are very few channels that offer this reward.

Grow Your Business
Blogging could help you to get more businesses from your dedicated readers. Blogs build familiarity and positive branding. People do business with you because they know you, like you and they trust you – blogging accomplishes all three and they show off your expertise in a subject.

Connect with Co-Workers/Employees
Blogs are excellent tool for reaching employees and co-workers. Blogging internally at a large or small company, when given the right freedom, creates cohesion and builds shared experiences throughout the firm.

Share Knowledge/Experience
As a child my mom would always encourage me to share my food, toys, time and allowance with other kids, stating “if you share, you always get more.” Blogging carries the same mantra. Sharing the knowledge and experience through the blog, we have reaped incredible benefits in terms of our own knowledge, new clients.

Create a Personal Voice
Companies often suffer from an overload of PR-style publishing. Blogs humanize people and companies to the outside world and make far deeper connections than newsletters or press releases. The less formal, more conversational style is an excellent way to truly connect and build fans of the brand.

Connect with Industry Leaders
If you’re looking to build a rapport with the giants of your field, building a blog readership base is remarkably effective. Not only can you develop relationships with industry leaders, you yourself can become one.

Make Money
I put this last on the list because, with the exception of some very smart, talented writers who can create groundbreaking content in their field, financial success does not always follow blogging. There are probably a hundred other pursuits that will earn you more direct income based on the hours invested. This rule applies only to the personal side of blogging – if you’re blogging as a business or for one, it can be an excellent investment with a very direct monetary return.

Personally, I love to share my experiences, love to hear from others blog too. I am aware of the fact that there are dozens of other reasons to blog, so please do share. Feel free to link out to your own blog in the comments as well.

How to Increase Twitter Followers?

The concept of Twitter is very unique and cannot be replaced by any other social network. So having a lot of follower would make your profile more noticeable. But unfortunately it is noticed that many people have less number of followers compared to the following numbers. So here are some important tips that would help you to increase followers in Twitter easily.

Provide Value
Post tweets those are valuable and interesting for others. Before you post a tweet, think about the target audience and whether or not they are likely to respond to your Tweet. Your followers should never feel that your tweets are just as boring and useless as some of the tweets by other users.

Mix Tweets
It’s always good to mix up your tweeting style. When your tweets are a mixture of interactive and interesting messages, interesting external links and witty responses to other people’s tweets you would enhance your chances of getting more and more twitter followers.

You should regularly interact with your follower which improves your chances of increasing twitter followers. Some of the best ways to interact is to reply to other people’s tweets and re-tweet other people’s tweets.

Short Bio
Many people do not fill the bio box. None wants to follow an unidentified people. So always fill up your short bio box.

Follow who are relevant
If you follow those people who come in your category then the chances are more to get followers. If you are a blogger then you should join these account @Mashable, @TechCrunch and so on.

Profile Picture
Believe it or not but some people are attract on faces or pictures that you upload. So create an attractive avatar. Mostly high definition picture with clear faces attracts a lot.

Incorporate Twitter Follow Button
If you have website and blog then it is very necessary to put your twitter follow button on the top. It will help people to follow you easily. Add your twitter handler on Email signature. Facebook profile and as many social network you have.

Content Publishing Tips for Facebook Page

In this social media age there are very few amongst us who does not have a Facebook account. We all love to connect with our loved ones. Though different people with different perspective connects with Facebook. Some connects just to have fun with friends and family and some for business purpose to market and promote their brands and services. Whatever the reason may be, but I have noticed that many people lacks in interacting with their fans. Today’s post will help you to increase your engagement and interaction with fans so that they will keep coming back and provide you with valuable feedback that will drive inquiry and sales and keep you on top of your market segment with real time comments.

Keep Your Post Short
A good headline for your post and keeping the post length to less than 250 characters generates the more interaction and engagement. It would generate 60% more likes, comments and shares than posts greater than 250 characters. A short and precise post will save a lot time for your fans to go through it.

Post Photos, Videos and Quotes
High definition photos and videos in graphic detail and vivid color provide engagement levels more than plain and simple text. Research shows that a post including a photo album, a picture or a video generates more engagement than the average post respectively.

Post Consistently
There are many people who post once in a month or week that decreases the interaction and engagement with fans. Posting once a day is normally a good place to start. A good rule of thumb is to have one marketing message for every nine to ten informational posts.

Ask Question Using FB Application
Facebook has a native questions app that is very easy to use. You can find out what is important to people by asking questions of your customers and prospects of how you can improve your business. The interaction and vote can be as simple as one “click”.

Reward Your Fans
You can use your Facebook “Page” to not just promote but distribute coupons or link to promotions.

Be Updated
Breaking news on Facebook that is relevant for your audience can drive more interaction and engagement. So posting the updated news right on time is the best practice.

Localize your Post if Needed
Some of your posts might only be relevant for a subset of your fans. For example, if you are only making some products in specific countries, you might want to promote these products only to people in this country. When using the status button when you post to your News feed you can send a post just to one country. Use the geo-targeting feature to make sure that only the people who would find your post valuable will see it.

I would appreciate if you could reach us through your comments here regarding how you liked the post and if the tips have increased your interaction and engagement with your friends. Have a great day!