SEO for Your Facebook Page

It might be something new to you that your Facebook page is getting indexed by search engines. It helps your customers find your page when they use Google or any other search engines which is very important for your business reputation.

But more than that, search engine optimization for your Facebook page is not something new for you to learn. If you have been doing SEO for your website, the same rules apply to your Facebook page. It is important to start with your keywords, or the search terms that you want to target. Then create content for these keywords.

The only difference is that there are some places within a Facebook page that are more SEO-friendly than others. Today’s post is based on what to do effectively to push your Facebook page up search engine rankings:

Use business name in Custom URL and Custom Tabs
Search engine spiders put a premium on your custom URL, page title and tab title, so be sure to use your business names in all these places. Your customers are going to try and find you using your business name, so promote it like crazy.

Use your Info and About us Tabs
It is within your Info and About Us tabs that you talk about your business and tell people where to find your website, your physical store and just about anything about you and your business. Make sure that you include keywords and search terms in your copy for these two tabs. Refrain from using images as these images are not going to be indexed by search engines!

Mind your Custom Tabs
The truth is that even your wall posts are getting indexed on search engines, but it is temporary. Yet, you should still write your wall posts with SEO in mind. Better yet, take time to create SEO friendly custom tabs. Use your keywords in your headings, bold them in the body of your copy, and include your keywords in titles.

Link Building
With the Panda update, a lot of “experts” are saying that link building is no longer important when it comes to getting higher rankings on search engine. That is simply not true. Even for your Facebook page, getting quality links from different sources is very important to help it ranks well on search engines. Search engine spiders use incoming links to your tabs and Facebook page to gauge just how important and authoritative your page is.

SEO for your Videos and Photos!
Video titles are very important because search engines give it a whole lot of importance. Insert your keywords to a relevant video; put your business name as the file name of your company logo, use filenames that reflect what is in the image or video that you are posting.

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