Online Reputation Management


A website is like a tree and a reputation like its shadow


Worried about your negative impressions in search engine result page? Just stay relaxed, Indian SEO Company has the solution. Our online reputation management service offers long term increase in visitor’s click through by replacing your negative feedback from Search engine result pages with positive one. It is a fact that, brands can cost millions to build but sadly can be easily destroyed by little bit of unattended bad publicity. The actions of a single anonymous individual set out to ruin your company can be devastating.


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  • SEO Packages

    Buy SEO packages from us to witness an increase in online exposure of your website and higher ROI through online marketing. Indian SEO Company offers affordable SEO packages starting from monthly SEO plans to target based SEO plans.

    PPC Management Services

    Maximize your online business returns through Pay per click management services from Indian SEO Company. We can help you in managing your PPC campaign starting from PPC account setup, extensive keyword analysis and bid analysis, landing page creation to weakly report making.

    SMO Packages

    Social Media is rapidly growing as part of online marketing next to SEO. Social Media Optimization (SMO) focuses on acquiring an online presence through social networking as opposed to organic keyword rankings.


We’ve been amazed how some of our clients offer a great product or really provide good value, yet still have trouble with a totally unreasonable customer on complaint sites such as RipOffReport, . Sometimes even malicious competitors post fake reports about another company, with the goal of destroying their competitors business. It’s important to be aware of such underhanded tactics and be able to implement strategies to counter them. Not only at complaints sites, but our service can include countering akward comments in Twitter , messageboards, blogs.

How online reputation is beneficial for you.

  1. Stops negative publicity
  2. Retrieves lost goodwill
  3. Create favorable brand perception
  4. Accelerates consumer loyalty and click through.


So if you are tired or frustrated about loosing your leads because of your negative search engine placement, then do not wait for long or hesitate to go ahead. Request a quote to get in touch with us. We are here to assist you out.


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