Term Description
absolute link An absolute link or absolute url specifies the exact location of any file or directory, starting from root to the destination. Like
adcenter Microsoft adCenter (formerly MSN adCenter), is the division of the Microsoft Network (MSN) responsible for MSN’s advertising services. Microsoft adCenter provides pay per click advertisements.
adsense AdSense is an ad serving application run by Google Inc. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image, and video advertisements on their websites. These advertisements are administered by Google and generate revenue on either a per-click
adwords A Google service that accepts textual ads placement on relevant Google search results pages and on their network of partner sites. Advertisers bid for their chosen keyword and pay Google for this service.
affiliate marketing A specialized form of marketing where an advertiser seeks to advertise or sell products or services through an affiliate network
agent name This is the name of the Crawler/spider that is currently visiting a page. Spider is a robot sent out by search engines to catalogue websites on the internet.
algorithm An algorithm is an operational programming rule that determine how a search engine indexes content and displays the results to its users
alt attribute The alt attribute is used in HTML and XHTML documents to specify alternative text (alt text) that is to be rendered when the element to which it is applied cannot be rendered.
altavista a web search engine owned by Yahoo!. AltaVista was once one of the most popular search engines but its popularity has waned with the rise of Google.
analytics Technology that helps analyze the performance of a website or online marketing campaign
anchor text Clickable words used within a link are called anchor text. This text helps search engines determine the relevancy between source and targeted pages.
Term Description
backlinks Links from other pages that refer back to your page.
bait and switch Typically refers to a spam technique whereas a website owner will give the search engine one web page with specific content on it. Once the search engines visits the page and spiders it, the website owner will change the content on it to another page.
banned When a search engine blocks your site from appearing in its search results.
banner ad A banner ad is an advertisement located on a web page which can be developed with animation software, images or a combination.
beacon A line of code placed in an ad or on a web page that helps track the visitor’s actions, such as registrations or purchases.
bid management tool A software or online tool, used to manage bids on pay-per-click
bidding Bidding is an offer (often competitive) of setting a price one is willing to pay for something.
black hat SEO A search engine optimization technique by using unethical or unfair techniques (ie keyword stuffing, link spamming) to improve website rankings.
blog An online diary with entries made on a regular basis
blogger A free blog platform owned by Google
blogroll A list of links within the blog. Usually involves linking to other relevant blogs or content.
body copy Body copy refers to text visible to users, doesn’t include graphical content, navigation, or information hidden in the HTML source code.
bookmarking saving the address of a website or web content, either in your brower, or on any social bookmarking site.
bot An algorithm generally referred as web spider which crawls through different websites and collects information as web content
bridge page A web page specifically made for the sole purpose to rank well in search engine.
broad match It’s a form of keyword matching through search, where the search result of selected keyword can be of any order
bulk submission services An automated submission process usually done by software or online tools, where the url or content is forcefully
Term Description
cache Copy of the web page previously accessed or crawled by the search engine Bot
cannonical Url This is the term used to describe duplicate content which can be available in different form of url structure
call to action A call to action is copy used in advertising to encourage a person to complete an action as defined by the advertiser
clickthrough The action involves by clicking an ad element and causing a redirect to another web page
clickthough rate (CTR) The rate at which users click on a link (or advertisement) as it appears (either in SERP or in any website)
cloaking Technique involves in serving different web content to search engine than to human visitors.
conversion The process involves in converting visitors to potential consumers
conversion rate The rate at which visitors are converted towards potential consumers
cost per action (CPA) Cost involves in performing certain action like entering a contest, registering on the site, completing a survey, downloading trial software, printing a coupon, etc
cost per click (CPC) Cost incurred by publisher on advertiser for each single click (by visitors )
cost per lead Pricing based on generation of new leads
cost per mille (CPM) Cost incurred for 1000(Mille) impression of any advertisement by publisher
crawler A computer algorithm meant for crawling through the web and indexing informations from websites
crawl depth How deeply a website is crawled and indexed.
crawl frequency / crawl rate How frequently the website is crawled by search engines
Term Description
deep linking Submitting internal pages url in various websites for effective backlinks
dead link A link which is no longer functional.
de-listing Temporarily or permanently de-indexed from search engine directory
description A textual snippet describing all about the webpage which is embedded within HTML Head Tag as Meta description
directory A web directory is a well organized collection of category based websites with short description
doorway pages A web page specifically made for the sole purpose to rank well in search engine. Also called bridge pages
dynamic website A Dynamic Website is one that does not have web pages stored on the server in the same form as the user will view them. Instead, the web page content changes automatically and/or frequently based on certain criteria.
dmoz The Open Directory Project is the largest human edited directory of websites. DMOZ is owned by Aol, and is primarily ran by volunteer editors.
duplicate content Separate web pages with substantially the same content
Term Description
error page A web page stating an error message such as “File Not Found”
exact match Exact Match is a form of keyword matching where the search query must be exactly the same as the resulted keyword.
emphasis An HTML tag used to emphasize text.
entry page The page in which a user usually enters your site. It is also referred as landing page
ethical SEO A collection of Search Engine Optimization processes that follows the guidelines set out by search engines
external link Link which references another domain.
Term Description
favicon Favorites Icon is a small icon which appears next to URLs in a web browser.
feed A feed (RSS feed) is an XML document which contains the summary of entire web content within a website or blog
feed reader Software or website used for notifying Feed updates
forums A virtual community used for exchanging views and ideas.
frames A technique used for displaying the content of multiple pages in a single page.
FTP File transfer protocol is a process involves in transferring data between any computer and web server
Term Description
GAP Google Advertising Professional is a program which qualifies marketing professionals as a proficient AdWords marketers.
Google The world’s leading search engine in terms of reach, relevancy and efficiency
GoogleBot Google’s search engine spider.
GoogleBase A free database consisting semantically structured information created by Google
Google bombing Ranking a webpage for any specific search query by pointing hundreds or thousands of links at it with the keywords in the anchor text.
Google bowling Knocking out less relevant competitors from the search result by pointing low quality inbound links
Google checkout Payment service provided by Google which helps Google better understand merchant conversion rates and the value of different keywords and markets.
Google dance It’s a temporary fluctuation in Google ranking for a certain period of time during Google updates
Term Description
Hallway Page A page that serves as an index for a group of pages is a Hallway Page. It as similar to Sitemap. Used for indexing internal pages in case of websites with thousands of pages or more.
Heading tag An HTML tag used for denoting headlines within a webpage. There are 6 heading tag available (H1-H6). H1 plays an important role in Google ranking for Keywords.
Hidden Text SEO techniques used for making certain text visible to search engine only and keeping them invisible for viewers. (This can be done by either making the text color and background color alike or reducing font size to such an extent that it becomes invisible
.htaccess It’s an Apache directory level configuration file. In SEO, it is used for redirecting web pages and configuring SEO friendly url.
Term Description
Inbound Link Links from other websites or domains pointing towards your website
Index A collection of data used by search engines to find suitable match for the search query. It is also referred as data bank
Internal Link Links pointing towards other pages of the same website or domain
Information Architecture Designing, categorizing, organizing and structuring websites and web content. Good architecture follows efficient and user friendly information retrieval, for both search engine and human visitors.
Invisible Web It’s the portion of the web which are kept beyond the access of search engines crawlers
Term Description
Will be listied soon
Term Description
Keyword Word/s or Phrase/s which implies a certain mindset or demand that search engine users are likely to search for.
Keyword Density It’s the repetation percentage of a single word ( Keyword ) within the whole web page. Keyword density used be an important aspect among search engine ranking metrices.
Keyword Funnel The relationship between various related keywords that users search for.
Keyword research The process of mining out best suitable keywords for any website or online business. It comprises understanding the website’s potential along with keywords search volume and competitors analysis. Proper keyword analysis is the most important part of SEO.
Keyword Stuffing Excessive use of targeted keyword within the webpage. It can not only flag your website for search engines but also makes your viewers annoying about going through your content
Term Description
Landing Page The page where a visitor first arrives or land after clicking on a link.
Landing Page Quality Score A measure used by Google to help filter noisy ads out of their Adwords program.
Link Baiting The process involves in targeting, creating and formatting websites information in such a manner that can provokes the target audience to link to your site.
Link Building The process of building high quality backlinks pointing towards a single website/webpage so as gain search engine ranking.
Link Bursts An abrupt increase in backlinks pointing to a website
Link Churn The rate at which an website loses its links
Link Farm A group of websites where every website is hyperlinked with each other. It’s a form of spamming the index of search engines. Most of such websites are created by automated programs.
Link Popularity The number of links pointing at a website.
Long Tail In SEO, Long Tail is used for Keywords. It’s about making keywords more precise and specific.
LSI Latent Semantic Indexing (LXI) is an algorithmic ability to extract the conceptual content of a body text by establishing most probable associations between those terms that occur in similar contexts.
Term Description
Meta Description A meta tag that briefly describes about the webpage content. The code for a meta description tag looks like <meta name=”Description” content=”Your meta description here. ” / >
Meta Keyword This meta tag is used to highlight the best possible search terms or keywords within the webpage. Though meta keyword has lost it’s importance for SEO but still advisable to include if possible.
Meta Refresh This meta tag is used for redirecting the landing Url to another location. A meta refresh looks like <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”10;url=”>
Mirror Site Site which Mirrors the contents of another websites
Manual Submission It involves submission process ( directory, articles, forums or blogs ) through hand (manually) rather than using automated submission tools
Term Description
Negative Keyword It’s a reference term used in Google Adwords campaign where an advertiser can specify search terms ( keywords ) that they do not want their ad to be associated with.
Negative SEO The act of demoting a page or site from the SERPS. Most often used against a competitor that is above your site in the SERPS
Nofollow Attribute used to prevent a link from passing link authority. Commonly used on sites with user generated content, like in blog comments.
Term Description
Organic Search Result The unpaid algorithmic listings in any search engine are termed as organic search results. Organic search results are organized by relevancy, which is largely determined based on linkage data, page content, usage data, historical domain, trust related data and various other metrices
Outbound Link The links from your website pointing towards other domains/webpages. Say for instance, if you are having a facebook page link on your website, then it is an outbound link, pointing towards facebook from your website
Term Description
PageRank It’s a mathematical scale used by Google for estimating and expressing the relative importance of any webpage through its link popularity.
PageViews Average number of pages within a website viewed by visitors. It shows how much your website is liked by visitors.
Paid Placement It is also called Sponsered Listing. It involves paying Search engines for displaying your webpage link in SERP for any set of search quarry/quarries
PPC( Pay-per-click) Pay Per Click is a pricing model where the price of advertisement is based on click-through rates.
Phrase Match Phrase Match is a form of keyword matching where an ad will be displayed if the user’s search query includes the exact phrase, even if their query contains additional words.
Term Description
Query The actual search string a searcher enters into a search engine.
Quality Link Links from trusted and popular domains.
Term Description
Reciprocal Link A practice involves trading or exchanging links between tow websites through mutual understanding.
Redirect A process that involves alerting users or search bots about any change in page location. There are tow primary redirects a) 301 (permanent redirect ) and b) 302 ( temporary redirect )
Referrer The source from which a website visitor came from.
Relative Link A link which shows the relation of the current URL to the URL of the page being linked at. Example of relative link: <a href=”../folder/seo-services.html”>SEO services</a>
Relevancy A measure of how useful searchers find search results.
Reputation Management The branch of internet marketing which ensures best possible SERP display for your brand related keywords. It involves minimizing the influence of odd results like customer complaint and negative feedbacks from users.
Robot.txt A file (name: robot.txt) that instruct search engines about those pages which should be excluded from crawling or indexing by them.
ROI Return On Investment, s a measure of how much return you receive from online marketing or SEO.
Term Description
Search Engine A program that searches documents for specified keywords and returns a list of the documents for the best possible match of keywords which were found.
SEM Search engine marketing is an associated with a group of activity including research, submitting and positioning of Web site within search engines to achieve maximum online exposure.
SEO Short form of Search engine optimization. The process includes nourishing websites so as to gain Search Engine ranking. The higher the website ranks in SERP the more, the greater the chance that users will visit the site.
Short form of Search Engine Result Page. It’s the page that search engine returns after searching with any perticular query.
Site Map
A page representing structured hierarchy of all internal pages within the website is called sitemap. It provides an easy navigation structure for users and mostly for search engines to find every existing pages within the site.
Social media marketing. Process involves promiting website of brands through social media.
Sock Puppet
an online identity used to either hide a persons real identity or to establish multiple user profiles.
Social Bookmarking
A form of Social Media where users bookmarks are aggregated for public access.
Unwanted or useless content that looks suspicious can be referred as SPAM. Often webmaster follows various unethical techniques like keyword spamming, automated link submission, generating unwanted fly page with no relevant content etc., just for gaining Search Engine Ranking. These unusual activities can be termed as SPAM.
In SEO industry, Spider means crawler or bot. A computer programm meant for collecting web content through web crawling.
Term Description
Text Link
A plain HTML link that does not involve graphic or special code such as flash or java script.
Time on Page The amount of time that a user spends on one page before clicking off. An indication of quality and relevance.
Title Tag
The title of a webpage
TLD Top level domain name. For example, in the domain name, the top-level domain is .com
Term Description
Url Uniform Resource Locator. It’s a unique address to any web document.
User Generated Content  Content generated through users interaction. Blog commenting, reviews, ghost blogging etc. can be termed as user generated content.
Term Description
Viral Marketing
A marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales)
Virtual Domains
Websites hosted in virtual servers
Term Description
Web 2.0
It is characterized by websites, which encourage user interaction.
White Hat SEO

White Hat includes SEO techniques as suggested in webmaster guidelines. It helps in making your website more search engine friendly and eliminates the cause of being penalize.

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