SEO Methodology


SEO methodology is the name of the game where the success of SEO lies. It’s the vision to identify the exact way out and walking through it until success. Indian SEO company mines out the best possible process, right from the inception to project completion through experience and research work.


We offer a wide range of Internet marketing services starting from Traditional SEO to Advance level SEO. Our clusters of SEO services are segregated in different Modules as follows:


Module-01. Pre SEO analysis

Our pre SEO analysis comprises of a series of research work which includes,

M01 -1) Keyword Analysis

M01- 2) Industry Analysis

M01- 3) Website Analysis

M01- 4) Competitive Assessment

M01- 5) Site Architecture Analysis

M01- 6) Web Browser Compatibility Check

M01- 7) Target customer search trend Analysis


Module-02. Technical implementation

After Pre SEO Analysis, we focus on Technical implementation of our assessments in previous section.

M02- 1) W3C Validation (if necessary)

M02 -2) Broken Link fixation and 404 Error customization

M02 -3) Script Optimization

M02 -4) Webmaster Tools Setup

M02 -5) Google Analytics Setup

M02 -6) Spider Friendly Navigation

M02 -7) Goal Setting

M02 -8) Url Canonicalization


Module-03. Onpage Optimization

On completion of Technical implementation the journey of SEO continues with Onpage Optimization.

M03-1) Building SEO friendly Url structures

M03-2) 301 permanent redirect of Urls if necessary

M03-3) Page Title Opimization

M03-4) Meta description Optimization

M03-5) Placing Robot tags and Geo tag as applicable

M03-6) Content Optimization

M03-7) Anchor text validation and Image optimization

M03-8) Keyword Density optimization

M03-9) Sitemap Creation and Submission


Module-04. Off-page Optimization

M04-1) Search Engine Submissions

M04-2) Web Directory Submissions

M04-3) Article Submissions

M04-4) Press Release Distribution

M04-5) Link Exchange (Reciprocal link, Two way and Three way link building)

M04-6) E-mail Marketing

M04-7) Classifieds Advertisements

M04-8) Newsletter Marketing

M04-9) Blog commenting

M04-10) Review posting


Module-05. Social Media Marketing

M05-1) Social Bookmarking

M05-2) Forum Posting

M05-3) Publishing Blog Posts

M05-4) RSS feed Submissions

M05-5) Social Networking

M05-6) Image promotion and Video Promotion

M05-7) Link Wheeling


Module-06. Conversion Optimization

M06-1) Bounce Rate Reduction

M06-2) Optimizing Conversion Path

M06-3) Offers Placement Optimization (increasing visitors Stick Time and CTR)

M06-4) Monitoring Goal Conversion

M06-5) Traffic analysis and Optimization


Module-07. Project Reporting

M07-1) Initial Ranking Report

M07-2) SEO Guidelines on Monthly Basis

M07-3) Google Analytics Report

M07-4) Google Webmaster Report


Indian SEO Company always tries to keep in pace with constantly changing parameters of Search Engine’s algorithm. We believe that an extensive study on internet marketing and strategy building is much required to climb up the ladder for securing the topmost position on SERP.


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