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Why Not to Buy Facebook Likes?

There are many companies these days offering you to increase your Facebook page ‘like’ numbers in terms of money. I understand that its frustrating looking at your page and seeing that nobody likes it. But it is much more annoying to notice your updates without any comments or likes.

Business owners may have the tendency to brag about the number of likes they have received. Some of the pressure may come from seeing the competition getting more likes on their pages than others.

In today’s post I would like to share why not to buy Facebook likes. So, here are 4 reasons why you should not buy likes for your Facebook page:

Engage Your Customer
The ultimate goal any business owner should have when starting his or her Facebook page is to engage the customers. So it’s good to involve your customers on your Facebook page. This is how you keep them coming back to your page and into your store. This is how you increase your Facebook likes.

Engaged likers will recommend you to their friends. These friends will trust their recommendations because it is not you marketing or selling to them, but a friend personally telling them to try you out.

Stop Being Weird

Suppose you have more than 10,000 fans and nobody takes time to comment or even like what you posted? Is this the picture that you want people to see about your business?
When you do something artificial, chances are, you will get caught. While your customers might not be inquisitive enough to see which of your likers are real people or not, your competitors might be.

Waste of Money
Most services that sell Facebook likes guarantee, for instance, 5,000 likes within 30 days. But you may not be sure if those likers would be fake or real. You may not be assure regarding their existence and how long will they stay in your page.

Save Your Reputation
If your real customers find out that you bought likes, they might resent it. For one, they might think that you are dishonest or desperate and may not want to be associated with you.

It certainly baffles us why businesses still buy Facebook likes when it is easy to get likers.

Just make sure that you:

Have a steady stream of useful and informative content that you share on your page.

Give out exclusive updates, promotions and other incentives to your customers who like your Facebook page.

Design your like page attractive. A great design, coupled with videos, audio, lead capture forms could very well encourage them to like your page.

Tie in your Facebook page with the rest of your marketing plan. Put up signs in-store, invite people to like you on Facebook on your website, create a contest to get them to like you.