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To Master Google+ Understand Circles

It’s very important to understand Circles to master Google+. The search engine giant has not only opted to add friends as one does in Facebook or follow people on Twitter. But it has something more to offer than any other social networking sites. Google+ gives more control over who sees your content.

Circles allow users to create groups. You just need to drag and drop your friends in appropriate circles. Like you can put your mom in “Family” circle, your boss in “Business” circle and your best college friend in “Friend” circle. In this way you can create as many as Circles you want. Though making too may look Circle would make congested and diminishes the usefulness of Circles.

There is also an option to select multiple friends and drag them into a Circle. It’s initially suggest those friends who are in your google contacts, but also allows you to find friends by importing contacts from Yahoo!, Hotmail and so on. It’s also easy to remove friends from a Circle. You just need to drag and drop from in the circle to outside the circle.

Circle gives you a lot control over adding and removing people. You can also rename your circle, write a short description about the circle, view the stream of your circle, open your circle in a tab and delete your circle. Therefore, it’s very important to create a Circle in the first place. Different things are shared with different friends. You want to share a private photo with your close friends, but share a business link with your business networks. Google+ Circle have the ability to give you this kind of control over both what you share and what pops up in your stream.