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How to Increase Twitter Followers?


The concept of Twitter is very unique and cannot be replaced by any other social network. So having a lot of follower would make your profile more noticeable. But unfortunately it is noticed that many people have less number of …

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Twitter Integrates with iOS 5


Since iOS 5 was released, a number of additional apps in the App Store have been released with native support for Twitter. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo shared some interesting stats about Twitter’s growth, including that it has more than 100 …

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Twitter Releases Web Analytics Tool


Twitter Web Analytics, a new tool announced Tuesday, which will enable publishers to track how much traffic Twitter is bringing to their sites. Twitter Web Analytics, should help provide some clarity to website owners who rely on the information network …

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Parental Controls to Tweet Links


Twitter has added a parental control to links within tweets as “possibly sensitive.” The company announced late Thursday that there is a new addition in the Twitter streaming API that will show up whenever a tweet contains a link, giving …

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