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How to Increase Facebook Page Likes

It does seem that many other forms of online promotion have taken a back seat to marketing on Facebook. Let’s look at the fan page, for example, they are very popular, are easy to implement and easy for members to join. Sure you want to have as many fans as possible, but it is still about targeted traffic so remember that. But the question is what can you do to increase the number of Likes to you Fan Page?

Test out and place the comment ability for your landing pages, and you will see that people will not necessarily need to be a fan. This is powerful because it gives you the ability to find out what people think with no strings attached. Each comment goes out as a news feed, and then many more people will see what it is all about. In order to do this, you will have to be able to work with Facebook applications which is no problem if you outsource it. You can get a lot of free advertising by using your own Facebook property, which is your profile, and then simply show people the link to your Fan Page.

Twitter is another social networking site that can be made to work for your business. By connecting your Facebook Page to Twitter, you’ll be able to get your Twitter fans to become your fans on your Page. If you do not have good rapport with your Twitter followers, then you should begin working on that if you want to use this strategy. What the normal method entails is letting your followers know about your post, asking for retweets and including a link to your Facebook post.

What you always want to do is test different methodologies for encouraging visitors to let their friends know about your content, site, posts, etc. But be sure to test intelligently and track your results so you can analyze them. Just invite your friends once as anything more than that can be irritating. The more people you get involved, the better response you’ll get to your Page in the long run.