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Twitter Integrates with iOS 5

Since iOS 5 was released, a number of additional apps in the App Store have been released with native support for Twitter.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo shared some interesting stats about Twitter’s growth, including that it has more than 100 million active users and that signups via iOS device have tripled since the launch of iOS 5. For social media fans, the tight integration between iOS 5 and Twitter is one of the best reasons to upgrade.

Twitter has been on a roll in recent months. The company surpassed 200 million tweets per day in June but has since jumped to nearly 250 million daily tweets. The growth has been tremendous: Twitter had around 100 million tweets per day in January 2011.

Of those 100 million global active users, half of them log in daily. Costolo revealed, “We had 30% of our monthly active users login in every day at the beginning of the year. Now it’s over 50%.”

Apple’s mobile OS directly integrates Twitter, and that has resulted in a boost for the company. Costolo revealed that Twitter signups via iOS 5 devices have tripled since the launch of that iOS update.

Parental Controls to Tweet Links

Twitter has added a parental control to links within tweets as “possibly sensitive.” The company announced late Thursday that there is a new addition in the Twitter streaming API that will show up whenever a tweet contains a link, giving Twitter users the option to be warned before they click links that might be too sensitive to view in workplace or in public or for children.

The new feature is in the testing phase and not yet functional. According to Twitter representative Taylor Singletary, “In the future, we’ll have a family of additional API methods & fields for handling end-user ‘media settings’ and possibly sensitive content.”

Twitter reps say the company is not intend to censor material. But according to Twitter’s media policy document, the company will “remove media that might be considered sensitive such as nudity, violence, or medical procedures.”