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Why I Should Start a Blog?

Blogging is not a new term. Many of us run a blog where we express our thoughts. But still few do not have a clear idea about blogging and few stops updating the blog even having one. So I decided to describe all the reasons, personal and professional, that should encourage you to start a blog or continue to update the one you write.

Codify Your Thoughts
Blogs are short form and often contain a single serving of news, opinion, analysis or recommendation. This style provides an easy entrance to the world of journalism & writing in general and it’s a perfect fit for those who are seeking to record their experiences & ideas.

Build Name/Brand Recognition
Blogging builds credibility and creates a readership of devotees. While you may not have “fans” like a rock star, you’ll certainly find people from diverse geographic and professional backgrounds that enjoy your writing and have a positive association with you. Outside of blogging, there are very few channels that offer this reward.

Grow Your Business
Blogging could help you to get more businesses from your dedicated readers. Blogs build familiarity and positive branding. People do business with you because they know you, like you and they trust you – blogging accomplishes all three and they show off your expertise in a subject.

Connect with Co-Workers/Employees
Blogs are excellent tool for reaching employees and co-workers. Blogging internally at a large or small company, when given the right freedom, creates cohesion and builds shared experiences throughout the firm.

Share Knowledge/Experience
As a child my mom would always encourage me to share my food, toys, time and allowance with other kids, stating “if you share, you always get more.” Blogging carries the same mantra. Sharing the knowledge and experience through the blog, we have reaped incredible benefits in terms of our own knowledge, new clients.

Create a Personal Voice
Companies often suffer from an overload of PR-style publishing. Blogs humanize people and companies to the outside world and make far deeper connections than newsletters or press releases. The less formal, more conversational style is an excellent way to truly connect and build fans of the brand.

Connect with Industry Leaders
If you’re looking to build a rapport with the giants of your field, building a blog readership base is remarkably effective. Not only can you develop relationships with industry leaders, you yourself can become one.

Make Money
I put this last on the list because, with the exception of some very smart, talented writers who can create groundbreaking content in their field, financial success does not always follow blogging. There are probably a hundred other pursuits that will earn you more direct income based on the hours invested. This rule applies only to the personal side of blogging – if you’re blogging as a business or for one, it can be an excellent investment with a very direct monetary return.

Personally, I love to share my experiences, love to hear from others blog too. I am aware of the fact that there are dozens of other reasons to blog, so please do share. Feel free to link out to your own blog in the comments as well.

Set your Blog on Fire

Keeping up a blog, especially a corporate blog is not an easy task. It’s a labor of love to constantly feed it, maintain it and grow it. So what do we do as bloggers to maintain the consistency? This post will share you all how to get back to your track and help your juices flow again.

Try to read your old posts when you get time. Sometimes little reminders of how you used to do things help a lot. When you first started your blog, everything was new. But as time passed no wonder you start to lack inspiration. Try to find some new faces that are new to you and to the industry. It’s of no doubt such practices increases your own excitement for what you’re doing. One reason why I like talking to people who are new to the blogging or the SEO world is because they unknowingly reinforce why you got into this space, as well. In talking to them and hearing about their passions, their reasons, what they’re struggling with, it reminds you why you started and what you wanted to accomplish.

It’s always a healthy practice to change your style at regular intervals too. Writing everyday 500 word blog post may be a routine work which could bore your mind. Why not make one of your posts video-based this week? Or create a post of images? Or aggregate some great slide shares you think your audience should be aware of? It’s always good to offer little varieties to your audience other than writing long text blogs everyday.

If you’re not excited about what you’re doing, it becomes really difficult to make anyone else excited either. Solve both problems by setting new goals for your blog and your content and give yourself something to work toward. It’s going to rekindle your own spark and, in turn, rekindle the spark your readers once had for you, as well.