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Steps to Select Keywords

SEO can be exciting and the work can be easily achievable even for a small team. Many times it is noticed that even though having a website or a blog, not much time is spent on SEO. Hence, our effort does not pay off.

It’s natural for a company to think that they have the best insight where relevancy or targeted keywords are concerned. But, in reality, the way people search for a keyword may not match up with how you would expect your product or service to be found. Therefore, it’s very important to do sanity check to find out which keywords actually work best for your product or service.

Here are few steps to select the right keywords:

Own Brand Terms

Create your brand name. So first you should search for your brand name and see where you rank. f you don’t rank for your brand name, this is the first thing to go after. In most cases, this is a very easy step; you’re probably already there. If you have competitors ranking on Page 1 for your brand, you want to force them out and own this space (the search engine algorithms are now allowing a brand to own the full first page of results).

In addition to your brand name, make sure you own all terms associated with your brand name, like your brand-specific product names, as well as your management team’s names.

Get Keyword Suggestions

Add your URL, relevant keywords and competitors’ URLs to a keyword suggestion tool and get a list of recommended keywords. While adding keywords in the suggestion tool, make sure to include a range of head terms, mid-terms and long-tail keywords.

Beat Competitors

Identify your competitors’ target keywords by adding their homepage URL to your keyword suggestion tool. Validate your own keyword list against your competitors. Check if you have missed out any important keywords.

Narrow Down Keyword List

Compare your resulting keyword list by relevancy, competition, search volume and current status. Start by narrowing your keyword list to only the relevant ones. Check to see which keywords you’re already ranking for. Look at global monthly searches and competition.

Plan to Rank the Targeted Keywords

Take these top target keywords and build an SEO campaign around them. Monitor the keywords over time by tracking the trends of ranks and by measuring what kind of traffic you’re getting from them.

Benefits of Press Release Distribution

Today, Internet plays a critical role in the way people look for information. Press Release service is an unique way to spread the word about the development in your organization, expansion in service offering, corporate tie-ups or similar major events. Press Release service is adopted by many industry experts and specialists as it creates a buzz, easy publicity and augments branding. Ideally, through Press Release distribution, one aims to get picked up by major news sources, reporters and news aggregators.

It is though advisable to hire such a person who has the expertise skill to write press release and publish it in the right places. There are many advantages of Press Release Distribution. Below mentioned are few benefits which I find to be the top benefits.

Internet traffic: Press Release helps to increases visibility for your business name. Business presence on the internet is very important now-a-days. Your customers may visit your website for more information and thus increase the potential for sales.

SEO Advantage: Press releases also help in search engine optimization (SEO). This is because the press release is featured on the search engine page result as a headline and your PR might turn up in Google News etc. Most of the time news items remain on top of the search engine results.

Increase Back Link: When your press release is on the web, you may additionally get the benefit of back links. This means that your link is viewed by many and is followed by other portals, too, that link back to your website. This helps in improving your position on the search result pages.

Cost-Effective: If you compare the cost of other marketing and advertising techniques, press release stands to be much cost-effective.

If you have a newsworthy item or plan to get Press Releases done professionally , check out our Press Release Packages here .

Set your Blog on Fire

Keeping up a blog, especially a corporate blog is not an easy task. It’s a labor of love to constantly feed it, maintain it and grow it. So what do we do as bloggers to maintain the consistency? This post will share you all how to get back to your track and help your juices flow again.

Try to read your old posts when you get time. Sometimes little reminders of how you used to do things help a lot. When you first started your blog, everything was new. But as time passed no wonder you start to lack inspiration. Try to find some new faces that are new to you and to the industry. It’s of no doubt such practices increases your own excitement for what you’re doing. One reason why I like talking to people who are new to the blogging or the SEO world is because they unknowingly reinforce why you got into this space, as well. In talking to them and hearing about their passions, their reasons, what they’re struggling with, it reminds you why you started and what you wanted to accomplish.

It’s always a healthy practice to change your style at regular intervals too. Writing everyday 500 word blog post may be a routine work which could bore your mind. Why not make one of your posts video-based this week? Or create a post of images? Or aggregate some great slide shares you think your audience should be aware of? It’s always good to offer little varieties to your audience other than writing long text blogs everyday.

If you’re not excited about what you’re doing, it becomes really difficult to make anyone else excited either. Solve both problems by setting new goals for your blog and your content and give yourself something to work toward. It’s going to rekindle your own spark and, in turn, rekindle the spark your readers once had for you, as well.