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SEO Effect Of Short URLs

Google is looking more at social media these days. There has been an increased importance of links which are placed through social media websites as Facebook and Twitter, where shortened URLs are extremely used. So many webmasters are concerned about how Google treats short URL’s in terms of SEO.

Matt Cutts recently addressed in a video that custom URL links functions like any other URL. He also confirmed that there is no negative impact on a company’s search engine optimisation. He also added, “If we try to crawl a page and see a 301 or permanent redirect, which pretty much all well-behaved URL shorteners, like bit.ly or goo.gl, will do, if we see that 301, then that will pass PageRank to the final destination.” So, in general, there is no harm in using short URL’s.

He also added that in Twitter’s web pages many links are nofollow link. So those links that are on web page may not necessarily flow PageRank, but those links might be found in some other way – maybe a data feed or something like that.

5 Blog Commenting Tips

Commenting on blog can be a great way to drive extra traffic and link juice to your site. But, then to get the comments accepted is a challenge. So, here are 5 tips for making blog comments high chance to get accepted.

1. Read the Post
Take time to read the post. Its common sense to read the post, understand the topic and then comment. Such comment will then definitely will be relevant to the topic of the post.

2. Check the Name Field
Commenting on blogs is fun and we all want is a backlink. Unfortunately, not every blog owner likes putting anchor text in the name field. So it’s always better to see at the other comments on the blog which have already been accepted. Are they using keywords or names? If you see only names then chances are that your comment will not get accepted if you try to use a keyword. In that case it’s always good to use names rather than using keywords.

3. Post Intelligent Comment
If you have read post nicely then it would be easier for you to post intelligent comment. In most cases, one liners comment like “awesome post” hardly gets accepted. Instead, it’s always good to write something which is relevant to the topic.

4. Short and Precise Comment
It’s always good to keep your comment short and precise. It will save time for others to read your comment. Normally a lengthy comment may get avoided. There is no such word limitation for comment though.

5. Re-check before Posting
It’s very important that your comment is free from grammatical and spelling errors. So take time to look it over before you click the submit button.

Getting indexed in Search Engines

If you have a website you would probably like like get your site indexed in the Search Engines. Well this is something that have wondered many non-tech guys who have been questing for way to be indexed on major search engines like Google, Yahoo! Bing etc. It is to be remembered that indexing in ranking top is different, though many business website owners think these to be same. No! Search Engines look for new sites and tend to crawl a website once it is launched. For faster crawling you have to depend on a professional SEO company for their strategic processes to get your site indexed faster.

Search engine crawlers usually look at a series of distinctive factors when crawling a site. Remember that search engines may not index every page of your website. The major factor is the distance of pages from the root directory of a site is what major search engines consider quite seriously. Fast crawling also depends largely on effective content, which only a professional SEO can do. Simply stuffing it with keywords may leave you in jeopardy. Referral links again, on the other hand is very important. A best SEO can effectively determine where to post your link and how to wheel it to help Search Engine crawl you link faster than your competitors.

Effective SEO

A good and effective SEO involves focused strategic drives that results to real traffic. We are known as the SEO Company since years like many SEO companies in India and abroad, while our difference from them lies in the distinctive way of building SEO strategies. Being a reputable SEO company in India and having worked on different types of clients… different genre of industries… and different level of competition we have understood that BEING FOCUSED is one of the most important thing for SEO. Once you lose sight on your specific strategy, you are most likely to end up with fruitlessness, whereby the work being accomplished without delivering what the client is actually looking for – i.e. CONVERSION.

A good SEO will only stay focus on ranking a site in Google’s top results to generate real traffic, which implies giving a hike to the company’s sales! Well, now here’s something very important to be kept in the forefront of your mind. It is not always that “sales” is what your client would look for. You might come across assignments involving tasks to increase subscription, signing up for campaigns, answering surveys or polls etc. Strategies should be tailored accordingly and most importantly sticking to the well built strategies!

We, as an SEO company, have works because website owners require a way to be ranked in good position in the search engine results pages. The target should be getting a good volume valuable traffic.

Importance of content for SEO

SEO, the abbreviation used for search engine optimization, is a technique of enriching the websites for better traffic. This method involves the improvisation of the websites as a whole, so that the search engines can locate them easily and rank them among the top 10 websites. But, it is noteworthy that the search engines do not crawl over page layouts or graphics used in a website; therefore, to generate traffic, good content is an absolute necessity.

Content is the first thing a webmaster should look into, while developing a website. It is only through a well written content that the potential of the website can be established. Through the content, the web masters can show that they have something significant to offer, and thus attract the mass.

We are a renowned SEO company in India. we have a dedicated team of SEO content managers who can put life to your site.

SEO Company in India

Profile of IndianSEOCompany can be better described as “the present generation SEO Company in India that puts  strategic endeavour on ethical SEO services. We use fresh web marketing approaches to make our sites create niche in the current search engine scenario. Along side the on page optimization approaches we have come up with  broader sphere such as tactically exploiting the social channels like networking platforms, blogs, and all human powered promotional channels to roll up your brand more widely and at micro levels. We stress on demographic promotion to reach out to more targeted audience and take your business to the next level.

and resources to achieve organic top search engine rankings effective for longer and capable of generating real traffic.”

Our SEO Services

If you have your own business website you must have spared a thought over escalating your volume of web traffic. You are amongst one of your thousand competitors who have been thinking the same. If you are looking for professional SEO, fact remains that you can get loads of SEO companies in India guarantying you on top rankings of your website. Misconception lies here!

Having worked as an SEO company in India, providing affordable SEO services to clients all over the world we would not hire any SEO professional who guarantees that s(he) would take our site to the top! Search Engines have never disclosed how to manipulate their bots. Its all about implementing right strategies tailored according to the need of your website and industry that success will come eventually – not overnight!

Here’s an experience that we want to share with you to make things clear.

On one of our recruitment processes in the year 2009 we came across two people, each of whom seemed to be very confident with right kind of knowledge we were looking for. We interviewed both SEPARATELY showing two different sites on real estate and wanted to judge their degree of confidence on optimizing each of these sites with the keyword “Real Estate in India”.  Both the guys had been interviewed separately as said before. Ironically both of them guaranteed that they could make their respective websites stand on top position on Google. This means two websites should come in Rank 1 on Google for the same keyword! We left you with one simple question here… “Is this possible?”

Through out our 6 years of SEO journey we have never committed any client for ranking their sites no Google Rank 1, although we have achieved rank 1 for almost all sites we have worked for more than one keywords each site. We guarantee to make your site stand in the first page of Google effectively along with 10 others. Being an SEO company in India, providing affordable SEO services to global clients for over half a decade, our strength lies on our efficiency of analyzing your competition and suggesting you with most effective keywords that can drive you with real traffic.

Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank not connected to ranking

It’s been a long time from now that the SEO professionals are aware of the fact that Google page rank is not connected to ranking. Of very recent, John Mu one of the employees of Google posted the following stating that “We do Toolbar PageRank updates 3-4 time a year but to be honest, it’s not something that you need to wait for. The PageRank shown in the Toolbar is an older snapshot of the PageRank that we use internally (which is continuously updated). Changes in Toolbar PageRank will not change anything with your site’s crawling, indexing, or ranking, so as a webmaster, I’d strongly recommend focusing on something else.”

SMM to overrun Search

The post-lunch team meeting on Thursday (December 02, 2010) at Websys had been a brain storming session for all of us in our SEO team. This post is about what we had discussed in out internal team meet and about the conclusion of the discussion. Here is something that may happen, although not overnight! Being an SEO analyst I am sensing that Social Media will overpower the search! Yes, the Social Media boom have been such a big blast these days that Search Engines may come under the Social Media dominion in the forth coming decade. The power of platforms like FaceBook and twitter seem to heat up in the World Wide Web. Keeping an eye on the current trend of social media, we had discussed about whether Social Media can overpower Search engine at all!

Well, we think that the Social Media Channels will see consistent growth till they become the next generation Search Engines. Don’t get me wrong… this is just what we have assumed about the plight of Social Media. Now the question is why do we think that Social Media could over run what we call Search Engine today. Here are some explanations. Please comment and put your thoughts… you have every right to express what you think.

Different options of Social Media Channels: Although very young in the Web scenario, Social Media Channels have come up with many options of reaching out to targeted audience and interact with them directly. Search engine still provides with two options… (a) Organic Search and (b) Sponsored Listing

Instant action: Social Media gives you the real time update. You do not need to submit in directories, articles and PRs and wait for click through and conversions.
Social Media cannot be manipulated: On Facebook or Twitter, you can either interact if you choose to or you do not, if you do not want to. I have seen many good-for-nothing, non-informative sites ranking higher on Search Engines. This won’t be possible on Social Media.

Social Media provides scopes for Communication: Social Media provides every scope to communicate with human users directly, while on the Search Engine you can online interact with links.

Building Brand Equity Value: Social Media Channels are smarter than Search Engines when it comes to building brand across the web. If you wish to build or strengthen the brand equity value of your business in the web, which is literally hard nut to crack on when it comes to Search engines. Remember content will remain the king, but alongside you need to prove your knowledge and worth on a specific domain, which Social channels can let you do through discussion and direct interaction with people who are looking for your services and products.

Conclussion: These are just a few points that came up in the discussion board at Websys on Thursday December 02, 2010. Whether Social Media is going to wipe out Search Engine or not, but I am sure that Social Media is treading its way to show up as a newly conceptualized next generation search media.