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Getting indexed in Search Engines

If you have a website you would probably like like get your site indexed in the Search Engines. Well this is something that have wondered many non-tech guys who have been questing for way to be indexed on major search engines like Google, Yahoo! Bing etc. It is to be remembered that indexing in ranking top is different, though many business website owners think these to be same. No! Search Engines look for new sites and tend to crawl a website once it is launched. For faster crawling you have to depend on a professional SEO company for their strategic processes to get your site indexed faster.

Search engine crawlers usually look at a series of distinctive factors when crawling a site. Remember that search engines may not index every page of your website. The major factor is the distance of pages from the root directory of a site is what major search engines consider quite seriously. Fast crawling also depends largely on effective content, which only a professional SEO can do. Simply stuffing it with keywords may leave you in jeopardy. Referral links again, on the other hand is very important. A best SEO can effectively determine where to post your link and how to wheel it to help Search Engine crawl you link faster than your competitors.

Effective SEO

A good and effective SEO involves focused strategic drives that results to real traffic. We are known as the SEO Company since years like many SEO companies in India and abroad, while our difference from them lies in the distinctive way of building SEO strategies. Being a reputable SEO company in India and having worked on different types of clients… different genre of industries… and different level of competition we have understood that BEING FOCUSED is one of the most important thing for SEO. Once you lose sight on your specific strategy, you are most likely to end up with fruitlessness, whereby the work being accomplished without delivering what the client is actually looking for – i.e. CONVERSION.

A good SEO will only stay focus on ranking a site in Google’s top results to generate real traffic, which implies giving a hike to the company’s sales! Well, now here’s something very important to be kept in the forefront of your mind. It is not always that “sales” is what your client would look for. You might come across assignments involving tasks to increase subscription, signing up for campaigns, answering surveys or polls etc. Strategies should be tailored accordingly and most importantly sticking to the well built strategies!

We, as an SEO company, have works because website owners require a way to be ranked in good position in the search engine results pages. The target should be getting a good volume valuable traffic.

Importance of content for SEO

SEO, the abbreviation used for search engine optimization, is a technique of enriching the websites for better traffic. This method involves the improvisation of the websites as a whole, so that the search engines can locate them easily and rank them among the top 10 websites. But, it is noteworthy that the search engines do not crawl over page layouts or graphics used in a website; therefore, to generate traffic, good content is an absolute necessity.

Content is the first thing a webmaster should look into, while developing a website. It is only through a well written content that the potential of the website can be established. Through the content, the web masters can show that they have something significant to offer, and thus attract the mass.

We are a renowned SEO company in India. we have a dedicated team of SEO content managers who can put life to your site.

End of Facebook is a Rumour

The most recent buzz is that the social networking giant Facebook is shutting down on the 15th of March 2011. This rumor was started by a blog after Mark Zuckerberg, saying he “wants his old life back” and wants to “put an end to the madness”. The story caused a big sensation throughout the globe. However, Facebook continues to deny rumors about its shutting down on March 15. WWN, ( on the other hand, has confirmed that the news of shutting down of FaceBook is a rumour. On January 9th, WWN’s ace reporter, J.B. Smitts, broke the international story on Facebook’s shut down on March 15th, as the founder because Mark Zuckerberg wanted to return to a normal life, putting “an end to the madness”.

According to a source Facebook recently raised $450 million from Goldman Sachs and another $50 million from Russian investment firm Digital Sky. Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg has publicly denied the rumors, saying, “Facebook is not going to close down. Not now, not ever. We’re just getting started.”

5 Blog Contest tips

To run a blog contest can be a great way to promote your brand new blog, which would help to increase interactivity to develop your blog’s community. Below mentioned are the best 5 tips to run a successful blog contest.

Choose the Theme:

The first step is to choose a proper theme for the contest. Generally it’s better to choose a generalized topic, but still on-topic enough to cater to the needs of your blog’s niche and existing audience that would allow everybody to get involved.

Choose the Prize:

Choose prize that should be something the audience of your blog would be interested in, and seem worthwhile to spend some time to enter your contest. Normally a small cash prize is good enough if you are able to arrange a sponsor for your contest and provide the prize. The other option is if you have a product of your own, such as an e-book, you can opt it for your prize for the winners. This would cost you nothing extra but would be an additional advantage to promote your product.

Get more People:

You should target to make the contest easy to encourage people to enter your contest. The best way to get more people enter the contest is to let them post their entry as a written comment. Such thing will make the contest accessible to everyone.

Promote your Contest:

The first step of promoting your contest is usually getting in touch with your existing audience through email or social networks and telling them about it. You can also promote the contest through forum posting by mentioning it in your signature. Once people start to enter, they will start to talk about it to others and help to promote the contest for you.

Update the People:

Always keep posting as the entries come in on your blog and share them through your social networks. This will encourage others to get their entry in, as it shows your contest is active and doing well. The effect would make more people interest to enter the contest. You can also provide feedback to acknowledge people for posting their entry – even if they don’t end up winning.

SEO Company in India

Profile of IndianSEOCompany can be better described as “the present generation SEO Company in India that puts  strategic endeavour on ethical SEO services. We use fresh web marketing approaches to make our sites create niche in the current search engine scenario. Along side the on page optimization approaches we have come up with  broader sphere such as tactically exploiting the social channels like networking platforms, blogs, and all human powered promotional channels to roll up your brand more widely and at micro levels. We stress on demographic promotion to reach out to more targeted audience and take your business to the next level.

and resources to achieve organic top search engine rankings effective for longer and capable of generating real traffic.”

Our SEO Services

If you have your own business website you must have spared a thought over escalating your volume of web traffic. You are amongst one of your thousand competitors who have been thinking the same. If you are looking for professional SEO, fact remains that you can get loads of SEO companies in India guarantying you on top rankings of your website. Misconception lies here!

Having worked as an SEO company in India, providing affordable SEO services to clients all over the world we would not hire any SEO professional who guarantees that s(he) would take our site to the top! Search Engines have never disclosed how to manipulate their bots. Its all about implementing right strategies tailored according to the need of your website and industry that success will come eventually – not overnight!

Here’s an experience that we want to share with you to make things clear.

On one of our recruitment processes in the year 2009 we came across two people, each of whom seemed to be very confident with right kind of knowledge we were looking for. We interviewed both SEPARATELY showing two different sites on real estate and wanted to judge their degree of confidence on optimizing each of these sites with the keyword “Real Estate in India”.  Both the guys had been interviewed separately as said before. Ironically both of them guaranteed that they could make their respective websites stand on top position on Google. This means two websites should come in Rank 1 on Google for the same keyword! We left you with one simple question here… “Is this possible?”

Through out our 6 years of SEO journey we have never committed any client for ranking their sites no Google Rank 1, although we have achieved rank 1 for almost all sites we have worked for more than one keywords each site. We guarantee to make your site stand in the first page of Google effectively along with 10 others. Being an SEO company in India, providing affordable SEO services to global clients for over half a decade, our strength lies on our efficiency of analyzing your competition and suggesting you with most effective keywords that can drive you with real traffic.

Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank not connected to ranking

It’s been a long time from now that the SEO professionals are aware of the fact that Google page rank is not connected to ranking. Of very recent, John Mu one of the employees of Google posted the following stating that “We do Toolbar PageRank updates 3-4 time a year but to be honest, it’s not something that you need to wait for. The PageRank shown in the Toolbar is an older snapshot of the PageRank that we use internally (which is continuously updated). Changes in Toolbar PageRank will not change anything with your site’s crawling, indexing, or ranking, so as a webmaster, I’d strongly recommend focusing on something else.”

Google is tagging hacked sites

Google provides new hacked site notifications in search results

Google is looking for sites more effectively these days. Very recently there has been an announcement from the desk of the giant Search Engine – Google that it will be labeling sites that it thinks have been hacked or compromised.

Google will label any site in the search results that has been hacked or compromised with a notification that “this site may be compromised“. Clicking on this text notice will redirect you to a page on Google that informs the Webmaster how can the problem be resolved. This notification was added to the Google’s search results on Friday, December 17, 2010. Google has been providing malware notifications for years, which also involved a distinctive warning page, but this newly expanded feature helps users avoid sites that may have been compromised or hacked by a third party, typically for spam.

Google says, “when a user visits a site, we want her to be confident the information on that site comes from the original publisher.”

The site is listed among seo resources in the directory of seo links.